Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Uh Oh...They Bit The Hand

Shasta just told me that the White House people bit the hand that feeds and protects them.  I wasn’t sure what she meant, so I went to ask my human.

“Well Patton it’s like this, the Petulant President has been counting on the main media to help promote his ideas and plans.  He depends on them to smooth over mistakes he makes.  So far this has been working just fine.  But last week that started to change and it got worse today when the news broke about his buddy, Eric Holder, that runs the Department of Justice had wiretapped and gotten two months worth of phone records for phone numbers that belong to the Associated Press and some reporters,” she said.

As I sat and listened, I tilted my head to the left.  When I do that it means I’m a little confused about something.  That’s when Shasta explained the those main media people were like pets to the Petulant President sort of like other people think of me and her as our human’s pets.  (We know that she’s our pet but we let others think she takes care of us.)

“So, the White House people are supposed to be looking out for those media people so the media people will continue to guard them like we guard our human.  Right?” I asked Shasta.

“Right” she said.

OK…I know I’m just a puppy and I still have a lot to learn, but it seems kind of silly for the White House people to do that stuff.  I guess this is what Shasta means when she says that they have no “canine common sense”.  Every dog knows you don’t bite the hand that feeds your or takes care of you. 

I don’t think a time-out is going to fix this.  I don’t think I’d like to be that Eric Holder guy or any of those White House people right now.  I bet those media people have really sharp teeth…know what I mean?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Patton Stands With Rand

I get to stay up late tonight...for a civics lesson. My human has been watching a thing called a filibuster for 10 hours. She says that this is a historic moment that she has waited for her entire life. I made the mistake of asking, “Why is it historic and why is it important?”

According to my human, the filibuster has always been around but is not always used like it is today. Senator Rand Paul is using the power of the filibuster to get answers for the American people from that man in the White House my human calls the, “Petulant President”. She says that what he is doing is historic because he is specifically calling on the President to answer in a clear way that's easy to understand his policy when it comes to those drones thingys. I'm not sure what a drone is, but Shasta says they shouldn't be used on American Citizens by our own government.

My human says it's important because this is a “true civics lesson”. This filibuster is a demonstration of how our system works. They have explained the Fifth Amendment and how it applies, the Fourth Amendment and how it applies and how our government was set up so that no one branch of government had more power than another branch. She says that the people needed to hear those things because maybe they didn't know or had forgotten.

My human says that this is also a “real filibuster”. What she means is that Senator Rand Paul has stood on the floor and kept talking except to take questions from other Senators. She says that he would have to do something called “yielding” for it to stop or that the Senate leader would have to get at least 60 signatures on a petition from other Senators asking that it stop. She says that Harry Reid guy tried to stop it several hours ago but that Senator Paul didn't fall for the trick.

I'm still not sure what it's about, but I do understand that the filibuster is a powerful tool for getting the attention of the American people and I know enough to know that is a REALLY BIG DEAL! So, I say:
I Stand With Rand!!