Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Break

My human, Candi, says that since "regular" children and puppies get out of school for Christmas break that I can have a break, too!  How cool is that?

Shasta said that last year we had white stuff that fell out of the sky and that it was really cold.  She said we should pray really hard for it to happen again and that we should ask Santa, too.  When Candi found out...she was NOT happy!  She put us in "timeout" and that was not fun.  So now, I'm going to make that a silent prayer.  You won't tell her, will you?  I really don't want to be in timeout again!

Merry Christmas, everyone.  And if you have time...could you put in a good word to Santa for me?  I'd really like some shiny new shoes to chew on.  Everytime I even look at Candi's shoes she says, "Don't even think about it!  Unless you want to be in timeout again!"  Help me out...I really, really, REALLY want some shoes to chew on!

Big puppy kisses for each of you,

Monday, December 12, 2011

Peace On Earth?

I've been asking my human exactly what "Peace on Earth" means.  She gave it a lot of thought and then suggested I ask some friends what they thought it meant.

Julian, Emma, Nathan, Nolan and David all said the same thing basically.  Peace on Earth means no more wars, people getting along and spending time with friends and family...especially during the holidays.  I asked Candi if they were right and she said, "Those are some very smart kids, Patton.  They're right.  Peace on Earth is about people of all faiths, ethnic and economic backgrounds getting along.  It's about NOT forcing what you want on others, but accepting them for who and what they are."

This made sense to me.  Then I wondered if there would ever be peace on Earth.  Once again, Candi suggested I ask my friends again.

Julian said there would be no peace on Earth until the world ended.  Emma thinks there will be peace on the new world that God creates after blowing it up.  Nolan said there wouldn't be peace because we're all sinners and the hate from various religions will keep us at war with each other.  Nathan said no because the world is getting worse and will just end in a fireball.  But David...he said that we couldn't have peace on Earth, only peace in our hearts.

I went back to Shasta and Candi to ask them about what my friends thought.  Candi said, "I think that they are all correct, Patton.  It's sad that our children are growing up in a world feeling that there can never be peace.  However, David is right that we can only have peace in our hearts.  But...if we each strive to have that peace in our hearts, I think we can have peace on Earth.  Having our hearts at ease and peace will give us the patience and tolerance that is needed to achieve that peace."

I'm not sure what to believe.  I do know that Candi tells me constantly to never lose my childlike wonder and to keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart all year.  Maybe that's what everyone needs to do if we're going to have Peace on Earth.  Well, that and NOT chewing on Candi's shoes or Shasta's tail.

Monday, December 5, 2011

What Happened To Christmas?

My human and I have been talking a lot about Christmas and what it really means.  She says that Christmas is actually something that we carry in our hearts.  It isn't supposed to be about presents.  Candi says that it is supposed to be about sharing of ourselves like God shared his Son.

This past week, Candi has been sharing her Christmas traditions with her nieces.  They went to Magical Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier Islands, Christmas In Lights at Callaway Gardens and A Stone Mountain Christmas.  Her ear infection got worse because of being out in the night air to view the various displays, but it was important to share these special things with Rachel, Stephanie and Elizabeth.  They didn't spend a great deal of money.  Instead, they shared laughter and just enjoyed each other's company while looking at the world with awe through little Elizabeth's eyes.  She says that is what Christmas is really about.  Sharing of ourselves.

I'm a little confused by my human's idea of what Christmas is compared to what I've been seeing on TV.  Candi seems to be happy and even more patient than usual with others.  Yet, the news reports people spraying each other with pepper spray or trampling on each other to get a good deal on a game console.  Not only that, but there was one lady that yelled at my human and her nieces when Elizabeth and Maggie got a little loud on a trolley ride through Christmas lights.  It doesn't make sense to me.  If Christmas is supposed to be about love and sharing...why are people being so selfish?

Can anyone tell us what has happened to Christmas?  Where did the spirit of Christmas go?  Have we all been put on Santa's naughty list and as a result choose to keep behaving badly?  Can we get Christmas back?  These are the questions I have.  And although Candi says I have nothing to worry about, I can't help but wonder if Santa will bring me a pair of shoes to chew on.  I don't want to be left out on Christmas morning just because everyone else has lost their Christmas spirit.