Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Holidday Lesson #1

I saw a new “tug rope” that I want in what my human calls a sales flyer today.  I asked her if I could get one for Christmas.  That was a mistake!  I got a lesson in what the holidays are all about and Shasta even said a few things too.

 “Patton,” my human started, “the holidays aren’t about what you get for Christmas, they are about spending time together and being thankful for the many blessings you already have.”

Then Shasta said, “Our human does other stuff with us that are way cooler than the Christmas presents we get.  AND, she makes really cool treats for us to eat!”
I really want that new rope, so I began to whine a little.  That was a HUGE mistake.  I then got put in timeout and was told to think about what was most important to me.  Having each other, OR having toys.  I was also reminded that I could be one of those unfortunate pups up in the North that don’t have a human to take care of them now because of that hurricane.  It was a lot to think about.

I decided I’d rather have “play time” with my human and big sister rather than toys and nobody to play with.  I think I understand what they were trying to say.  So this Thanksgiving week I want to say that I’m thankful I have such a cool human.  I’m thankful for my lessons she gives me because I know she wouldn’t go through all the trouble if she didn’t love me.  I’m a blessed puppy because I have a human who would never leave me behind and takes such good care of me.

I am going to do better about appreciating what I have rather than being jealous another dog got something I didn’t.  My human said she was proud of me and that as a special treat for learning such a valuable lesson, she’d take me on a walk without Shasta!  Now, if I could just convince her I’d rather have a pair of her shoes to chew on rather than a walk without Shasta.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Lesson In "Stupid"

I noticed this morning that we had run out of food.  So I thought I would ask if we could get some more.  Here is the talk I had with my human and the lesson in ‘stupid’ that I got.

Me:  Could you go to the store and get us some food?

My human:  Patton, due to circumstances beyond my control I can’t get more food.

Me:  Well you have friends that could send us some, don’t you?

My human:  Actually I am refusing to accept any food from anyone that isn’t labeled properly so I can see what the nutritional value is.  So, I’m afraid we’ll just all have to go hungry.

Me:  Well that’s just silly!

My human:  Welcome to the world of liberalism/socialism/Marxism/communism.  Now do you understand why I fight so hard for individual responsibility and less government control?

Me:  I get it.  By voting for people who think they know better than you what is best for you, you open yourself up to having less control of your own life. 

My human:  Would you like to eat now? 

Me:  Yes.  Then after I eat, can we play tug for a little while?
Turns out my human had discovered a new place to put the food where Shasta and I couldn't get into it.  Maybe we should have looked harder.

Lesson:  If you’re stupid enough to not figure things out for yourself, someone else will and you’ll be hungry!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Human Pups In GA Get Better Schools

My human has been so busy these past couple of months that Shasta and I haven’t been able to post any blogs.  Having paws instead of hands makes it hard to type so we kind of need her.  But now the election is over and she has a little more time (at least until the next election and the last “big pushes” for GOTV efforts), so we get to start blogging again.

Last night she went to a couple of victory parties and then came home to settle on the sofa with me and Shasta to finish watching election returns.  There was one thing on the Georgia ballot that I was watching really close.  That was the charter school amendment.  My human had told me it was important because it would give human kids a chance to have the kind of education that she is giving me.  Even though I can’t vote, I wanted it to pass for all those human pups out there.

It passed with 58% of the vote is what that Secretary of State guy’s website says.  My human was surprised it passed “relatively easy” because it was such a hot-button issue for a lot of people.  But, she says that people like Virginia Galloway, Rich Thompson, Rhonda Gatch and other school choice advocates worked really hard and it paid off.  Now students in my state have a better chance at getting a good education and human parents will have more say about things.

My human spends a lot of time teaching me American History, Civics and about legislation.  She wants me to be the best I can be when I become a grown dog.  I think most humans want the same kind of thing for their pups, so this has to be a good thing.  And I think it costs less money per pup to run these public charter schools.  That means that my human would have more money to buy me ropes to play tug with.  That’s good, too!

Congratulations to all the volunteer people who worked so hard to give Georgia pups a chance at a brighter future through a better education.