Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Break

My human, Candi, says that since "regular" children and puppies get out of school for Christmas break that I can have a break, too!  How cool is that?

Shasta said that last year we had white stuff that fell out of the sky and that it was really cold.  She said we should pray really hard for it to happen again and that we should ask Santa, too.  When Candi found out...she was NOT happy!  She put us in "timeout" and that was not fun.  So now, I'm going to make that a silent prayer.  You won't tell her, will you?  I really don't want to be in timeout again!

Merry Christmas, everyone.  And if you have time...could you put in a good word to Santa for me?  I'd really like some shiny new shoes to chew on.  Everytime I even look at Candi's shoes she says, "Don't even think about it!  Unless you want to be in timeout again!"  Help me out...I really, really, REALLY want some shoes to chew on!

Big puppy kisses for each of you,

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