Monday, January 2, 2012

My "Cat" Crush

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!  I'm not very sure what the term "New Year" means, but my human says that it's when we look back on the last 12 months and begin to focus on the next 12 months.  As soon as I'm old enough to figure out what a day, month and year is...I'm sure I'll understand it better.  Anyway, my human also said, "Whatever you do on the first day of the new year is what you'll be doing all year long."  So...if that's true...I'm gonna have a REALLY good year!

See, yesterday morning my human started off her Sunday like she usually does.  Listening to BigDawg's Music Hour on and that's when I fell in love with a Cat!  I know I'm a dog and not supposed to like cats, but this particular Cat is AWESOME!  This particular cat is none other than the fabulous Cat Beach!

Her voice was so soothing to me, that I just had to rub against the speakers while her song "What Love's All About" was playing.  I mean WOW...she just made me want to crawl into her lap and cover her with doggie kisses.  My human says, "she has that sexy voice that make men weak in the knees and the women want to get up for a slow dance".  I'm going to suppose y'all know what that means...I sure don't.  I just know that when she comes on the radio, I have to get as close as I can to the speakers.  My human also says that Cat's lyrics reach into the very essence of one's soul because she understands exactly where a person has been or where they are currently and what their hopes are for the future. the words of my human, Candi, y'all need to get over to and check her out.  Just remember that she is MY "Cat" crush!  I'd hate to have to come chew on your favorite shoes for trying to take her away from me.

Because Candi says I have are the links to Cat's page at BigDawgMusicMafia and her own website.  Dang it!  I really wanted her to myself, but she's gonna make me share!


  1. Patton, don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't have a crush on somebody, even a Cat. And this Cat sounds marvelous releasing beautiful melodies from her throat rather than hair balls. I say, Go for it! It's a New Year with wonderful possibilities!

  2. You know, Cat Beach just lost her best friend this past year, a dog named Bugsy. Bugsy had been with her since a pup, and lasted 17 years. He was a proud little Pekingese who showed the world around him that he had no fear, despite his size, was insanely loyal, and endured incredible pain in his last years as if it didn't matter. Patton - you and Bugsy would have been great friends!

  3. Truly adorable and quite honestly brought a tear to my eye!!! Miami Tom Knows my deep love for animals and the fact tat little Patton loved it grabbed me!!!! Also the fact that the music moved you all warms my heart!!! Here's to a beautiful 2012:)
    With love, happiness and success!
    Much respect and LOVE!

  4. I've had a blast sharing this blog...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING IT!!!!!!