Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Doc Has Balls For Obama

My human said several bad words today.  She’s mad that those people in Washington who are supposed to “provide for the common defense” are NOT doing their job properly.  Boy is she mad about it.  She is using a LOT of bad words.  I never thought I would hear stuff like that come out of her mouth.  Even Shasta got scared because of all the bad words.

Candi says that the Obama man doesn’t have any balls or he would do the right thing instead of just giving speeches about what a tragedy the attacks on our embassies are.  And she called that Hillary woman a word that I can’t repeat because Candi would send me to the pound for being extremely crude.  When she said those two things, Shasta started to cry and told me I should be very very good because our human was mad beyond words.

I called my dog doctor, Mr. Obama, and he said that he doesn’t have my balls anymore but that he has some you can borrow.  I’m sending you his contact information.  I would really appreciate it if you would take my dog doctor up on his offer since my human is not going to calm down until you get a pair.

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