Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Human Pups In GA Get Better Schools

My human has been so busy these past couple of months that Shasta and I haven’t been able to post any blogs.  Having paws instead of hands makes it hard to type so we kind of need her.  But now the election is over and she has a little more time (at least until the next election and the last “big pushes” for GOTV efforts), so we get to start blogging again.

Last night she went to a couple of victory parties and then came home to settle on the sofa with me and Shasta to finish watching election returns.  There was one thing on the Georgia ballot that I was watching really close.  That was the charter school amendment.  My human had told me it was important because it would give human kids a chance to have the kind of education that she is giving me.  Even though I can’t vote, I wanted it to pass for all those human pups out there.

It passed with 58% of the vote is what that Secretary of State guy’s website says.  My human was surprised it passed “relatively easy” because it was such a hot-button issue for a lot of people.  But, she says that people like Virginia Galloway, Rich Thompson, Rhonda Gatch and other school choice advocates worked really hard and it paid off.  Now students in my state have a better chance at getting a good education and human parents will have more say about things.

My human spends a lot of time teaching me American History, Civics and about legislation.  She wants me to be the best I can be when I become a grown dog.  I think most humans want the same kind of thing for their pups, so this has to be a good thing.  And I think it costs less money per pup to run these public charter schools.  That means that my human would have more money to buy me ropes to play tug with.  That’s good, too!

Congratulations to all the volunteer people who worked so hard to give Georgia pups a chance at a brighter future through a better education.

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