Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where Is The Courage and Character?

My human has been following this story on TV about a ship that sank.  She was really upset about “the lack of leadership and courage among the crew”.  She was also talking about how the same thing could be applied to the politicians in D.C.  I’m not really sure how, so I thought I’d relate what I heard to you guys and see what you think.

“Patton,” she said, “It’s ok to make a mistake.  What isn’t ok is to run from the responsibility of what you’ve done.  Just like the captain of the ship waited for over an hour to tell the people the ship was sinking, our government waited too long to tell US that we are in deep trouble.  Instead, they tried to cover up their mistakes.”  I can understand that in a way.  I thought I could chew up this really cool thing that fell out of the laundry basket, but it made me sick.  Instead of telling my human that my tummy was hurting, I threw up all over the place.  She was really upset.  She told me that if she had known, she could have and would have taken steps to keep it from being quite so bad.

My human also said “the crew also showed a contemptible lack of courage by deserting the people on board in an attempt to save themselves”.  That sounds a lot like what I hear on TV sometimes when those politics people are talking.  Candi says that they are making deals behind the scenes and then getting on TV and claiming something else in an attempt to save their own selves.  I think she’s right.  After all, there were a lot of those people who liked the SOPA thing until yesterday.

Candi is always telling me that the lessons I take are to make me a better canine citizen.  She says that she’s trying to instill in me the courage and strength of character that our Founding Fathers had.  I wished I had some examples of that courage and character that she talks about.  Do any of you know where I could find one?  

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