Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trying To Learn My Lessons

I’m trying to learn everything my human wants me to learn.  I really am.  But I just don’t understand some things.  Shasta says that I will never understand humans.  There is one thing that confuses me most.  Why do humans get mad when someone is trying to keep what belongs to them or keep from getting beat up?
There was this thing that my human was watching on TV and she said that everyone was mad at the wrong person.  She said that people need to know the facts about stuff before the do something called “jumping to conclusions”.  I don’t really know what that means.  I just know that when I do something wrong and I get hurt by Shasta…she doesn’t get mad at Shasta, she gets mad at me and puts me in timeout.  I really hate timeout!
Would it be ok to put those media type people in timeout?  Shasta says they are the biggest part of the problem.  She says that they report their opinion and not the facts.  Shasta also said that those political type people are just as bad.  They should go in timeout, too!!!!  Candi said that if we did that, there wouldn’t be anybody else left on TV and that the place she went to the other day would be empty.
I think what I’m supposed to be learning is to wait and study all the facts before biting somebody and that if I do something wrong I should be ready to go into timeout instead of the other dog.  Just one question…with all this growing up and the hard stuff that goes with it, do I have to give up chewing on shoes?
P.S.  Don't tell Candi I'm still chewing on shoes.  She hasn't found those yet.

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  1. Patton, your Human is right - it is wrong to jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts - media is very bad for doing that. And yes - we are all guilty of doing that and I do it, too. It's a human frailty and I think we do it because we need something to grasp upon, to rationalize the incomprehensible, and make us feel we can control a spiralling society.

    Sweet Puppy, Shasta is just being big sister and she really loves you, but I would love to live in that furry head of yours just for a day to know pure innocence and trust again. You keep it real, keep it golden - we need more wide-eyed wonders like you.

    ~ Kels