Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My First Fourth of July

Shasta has been telling me about something called the Fourth of July.  She says that it is America’s official birthday and that communities all over America celebrate with parades and fireworks.  She’s been telling me about all the really cool things that our human has taken her to in the past.  I kept waiting on Candi to tell us what we were gonna do this year and what I would get to see.  She hadn’t said anything and it is now the big day, so I asked her.

“What are we going to do on July 4th?”

“Patton, I’m afraid your first Fourth of July won’t be very much fun.  Our town isn’t having a parade this year.  No fireworks either,” she said.

I couldn’t believe it.  I wondered why and asked her.

Her eyes filled with tears and she said, “In today’s world where it’s offensive to others to be proud to be an American, communities are beginning to do away with Fourth of July parades and fireworks displays.   We must all suffer because a few have dictated to the many what is acceptable and what isn’t.”

Ok, now I’m mad!  I was thinking that maybe I could be like Scrappy Doo and use a little “puppy power” to make things right.  Candi says it’s going to take more than that though.  She also said that even though she can’t change things for this year, she is visiting the City Council of our town today.  She’s also going to the Board of Commissioners in our county and will be contacting her State Representative and her Federal Representative.  I think she’s pretty ticked off right now.

It is 4 in the morning and we have started our day.  We’re going to start off with To Hell and Back, the true story of America’s most decorated WWII soldier…Audie Murphy.  When that’s over we’re going to take a walk.  Then we’re going to come home and watch Yankee Doodle Dandy, the story of George M. Cohan…who gave us some of the most patriotic songs and musicals.  Our human will spend some time at the pool with her friend, and then it’s back to watching more patriotic movies.  She agrees that seeing a parade and watching fireworks would be better, but we will obviously have to make do.

I’m sure that next year will be better.  I doubt those city council people are going to enjoy her complaining for the next year about no Fourth of July celebrations in town.  And believe me, she isn’t going to let this go.  She’s sick and tired of the few telling the rest of us what to do.  So am I.  I asked her if I could go bite those people, but she said no that it wouldn’t be cool.  Oh well, maybe if you guys talk to her she’ll at least take me with her so I can growl at them.

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