Monday, July 9, 2012

My Game vs. Their Game

I learned a new game yesterday and it’s really fun.  It’s called:  Get The Scrunchie.  This is how you play.  First, you have to have a human who wears her hair in one of those ponytail things held up by a scrunchie thing.  Second, you have to be really really sneaky.  What you do is:  while the human is distracted by something else you sneak up behind them and grab the scrunchie thing with your teeth and pull it out.  But you can’t touch the hair.  If you touch the hair they will feel it and you lose the game.

It made my human and her friend giggle really hard yesterday.  This morning, while my human was busy with Shasta’s lesson, I pulled her ponytail down again.  She laughed so hard she snorted when I dropped the scrunchie in her lap.  It was so much fun.

Shasta says that those politics people do the same thing in a way.  She says that while the people are distracted by True Blood, American Idol or some other silly show like that, the politics people slide stuff into something called legislation and that they make government bigger and bigger that way.  I asked my human about it and she agreed with Shasta.  Only, she says it’s not a game because no one is laughing when the trick is revealed.  She says that most of the time it actually hurts us in the long run.

I like to play games and my human says that they’re good for me because I learn things.  But nobody gets hurt when we play our games.  I don’t think those people in that Washington place should be allowed to keep playing games that hurt others.  As a matter of fact, I think they need a really long timeout. 

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