Friday, November 9, 2012

A Lesson In "Stupid"

I noticed this morning that we had run out of food.  So I thought I would ask if we could get some more.  Here is the talk I had with my human and the lesson in ‘stupid’ that I got.

Me:  Could you go to the store and get us some food?

My human:  Patton, due to circumstances beyond my control I can’t get more food.

Me:  Well you have friends that could send us some, don’t you?

My human:  Actually I am refusing to accept any food from anyone that isn’t labeled properly so I can see what the nutritional value is.  So, I’m afraid we’ll just all have to go hungry.

Me:  Well that’s just silly!

My human:  Welcome to the world of liberalism/socialism/Marxism/communism.  Now do you understand why I fight so hard for individual responsibility and less government control?

Me:  I get it.  By voting for people who think they know better than you what is best for you, you open yourself up to having less control of your own life. 

My human:  Would you like to eat now? 

Me:  Yes.  Then after I eat, can we play tug for a little while?
Turns out my human had discovered a new place to put the food where Shasta and I couldn't get into it.  Maybe we should have looked harder.

Lesson:  If you’re stupid enough to not figure things out for yourself, someone else will and you’ll be hungry!


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