Monday, October 31, 2011

What I'm Learning From Movies

My human loves movies.  She REALLY loves movies!  Part of my education process is to watch movies with her.  As a result of this "movie fest", I've learned a few things about America.

One, patriotic movies were once the norm in Hollywood.  That's right, you were considered "uncool" if you weren't patriotic!  Candi told me the story of how Bette Davis and John Garfield started the "Stagedoor Canteen" for soldiers during WWII and how actors/actresses suspended their careers to enlist in various branches of the military.  She told me of how Frank Capra, an immigrant, loved this country so much he made movies about its greatness.  Not only that, but Americans were pro-family too!  We didn't see dad's being the butt of jokes or moms running around scantily clad.  No, we saw family units that loved one another and had a moral compass that pointed due north.

Two, thrillers didn't need blood and guts to make them scary.  Some of the most frightening scenes just hinted at the suggestion of violence.  For some reason, that makes them more scary in my mind.  Alfred Hitchcock was a master at suggestion and knew that he didn't have to show the actual murder to make it frightening.  Too bad today's directors don't understand that simple concept.  Rather than being scared, we're more likely to be grossed out!

Three, politics haven't really changed that much.  There is still corruption in politics, the media still plays an important role and special interests groups will stop at nothing to get "favors".  As demonstrated in movies like "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington", "Primary Colors",  "The Manchurian Candidate" and many more, there are people in this world that will stop at nothing to gain power.  And although Hollywood is quick to make movies and documentaries regarding corruption in the GOP, very seldom will you see them putting out anything against the Democratic party.  Just telling you what I've noticed so far.

So Candi is using movies as one way to educate me.  When something comes up that we want to clarify or understand better, we research the subject on the internet.  The important thing is, I'm learning something and I'm NOT bored to death.  It's far more entertaining to watch a movie than a documentary or listen to a lecture, even if they don't get everything right.  So, I'll continue to watch the movies and do my research.  I was just wanting to share what I've been doing so far.

Oh...and since Veterans Day is just around the corner, we'd like to recommend one of our personal favorites...To Hell And's based on the true story of Audie Murphy, one of America's greatest heroes.  The man was amazing!

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