Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting In Trouble For Gossip

Repeating something that isn't true is a bad thing.  I found this out this past week.  I told my human something that I heard from another puppy and she asked me how I knew it was true.  All I could say was that I heard it from my friend and that's how I knew.  After explaining to me why I should never repeat something I didn't know for sure, she put me in timeout for gossiping.  She told me she wouldn't tolerate that kind of thing in her home.

Shasta explained to me that gossip does two things.  One, it can cause people to react in bad ways.  And two, it makes you look silly because you didn't take time to check it out and make sure it was true before passing it on.  I think I understand now that it's a trust thing.

According to Shasta, my human went through this sort of thing last week when someone on Facebook posted a story that wasn't true.  A lot of people re-shared what this woman posted as fact when it wasn't.  Candi said that a lot of the people who saw it would assume it was true and decide to just sit back and stop paying attention to the issue.  She also said it was very harmful to the politics movement the woman is supposedly a part of.

I'm wondering why nobody put her in a timeout for gossiping?  Why does she get to do things like that while claiming she only post information she has checked out herself?  Shasta told me that Candi did tell her she needed to apologize to all those people and post the real story, but that as of today...she hasn't.  I got in trouble for just repeating something to one person, but she repeated a lie to thousands of people.  I just don't understand how people like that get away with that behavior when I can't!!!!

I'm not allowed to say the woman's name out loud, but her initials are J.M.

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