Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do They Really Do Stuff Like That?

Last night my human blamed me for not being able to find her wallet.  I admit that I like to hide things from her, but I was really not guilty this time.  As a result of her not being able to find this thing she said she had to have, she had to stay home with me and Shasta.  She decided she would try and relax to see if she could remember where it might have been lost.  We watched a movie.  She said I could learn something about corruption and human nature.  I didn’t!

The movie was “Runaway Jury” and it was about a jury that was being tricked into voting a certain way.  You had one really bad guy, one bad guy and one good guy.  But it turned out that the one bad guy, not the really bad one, wasn’t so bad.  I don’t understand.

“Patton,” Candi said, “what you have to understand is that the really bad guy has been paid to put a group of people together that he can manipulate into thinking a certain way.”

OK…still don’t get it.  I know I’m just a puppy, but I think that these people were just too scared to do the right thing.  The really bad guy was sending his bad people to tell the good people things that I didn’t understand.  Candi said it had to do with secrets.  Shasta said it had to do with money. 

Candi said the movie was a really good example of just one of the things wrong with society today.  Shasta said it was a lot like how those politics and news people do things.  They get people’s secrets and use them.  I’m totally confused now.  I don’t understand why the people we are supposed to trust do things like that.

I’m not real sure I want to grow up if this is the way humans do things.  Can anyone tell me if Shasta and Candi are right?  Do politic humans and news humans really do stuff like that?  I sure hope someone can help me figure this all out soon.

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