Thursday, February 23, 2012

Squeaky Toys On TV

Sometimes my human makes me and Shasta watch these things on TV that are called debates.  Last night while we were watching, she was on her computer and phone chatting with other humans.  Every so often she would giggle at something she read or heard.  There were other times when she had what she calls her ‘Joe Wilson’ moments.  That’s when she yells really loud at the person on the TV…”YOU LIE!!!”  
The real problem came when she got up early to watch the replay of the show.  See there was this guy that looked like Mr. Magoo and he had something on his eyes that looked like fuzzy squeaky toys to me.  Well, every single time I would put my paws on the TV and try to play with those things that looked like the ‘dryer lint’ from the other night, Candi would tell me to stop and make me get down.  I just wanted to play with the squeaky toys on the guys head. 
Then Shasta would growl at the TV every so often and she would tell Shasta to be quiet.  I don’t think that’s very nice.  We just wanted to play with the funny men on the TV.
So I’m just asking for someone to tell my human that she should let us play with the funny politics people.  They have cool squeaky toys and ‘dryer lint’ on their faces.  Please help me out and ask her to let us.  I know she will if you other humans tell her she should.

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