Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Don't Want To Be Eaten

Shasta is scaring me!  She keeps talking about that Romney guy that ties dogs on roofs and saying that if I’m not good our human might put me on a roof that way.  Now she’s talking about that Obama guy that eats dogs.  I don’t want to be eaten!  Being on a roof would be bad enough, but eaten….yikes!!!!
Candi, my human, says that Shasta is just being mean because that’s what big sisters do to little brothers.  She also says that I don’t need to worry because she would never put me on a roof or cook me for dinner.  Candi says that they only do that in places far away and that dogs here shouldn’t worry about it.
There is one thing that really scares me about it, though.  If that Obama person gets re-elected, will he make eating dogs legal?  Will my human have to start eating dog meat because that’s what he’ll put in grocery stores?  And will it matter how big the dog is?  Maybe I should talk Candi into running away from the scary Obama man with me.

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