Friday, April 13, 2012

Thrown Under The Bus????

I learned something new last night.  My human kept talking about that man in that place called the White House throwing that Rosen woman under the bus.  I didn’t understand what she meant so I thought I’d ask Shasta.
“Patton,” Shasta said, “throwing someone under the bus is what I do to you when something gets broken in the house.  I point my paw at you and Candi thinks you did it and I had nothing to do with it.”
That still doesn’t make any sense, but…ok.  When Candi explained it, she said that “throwing a person under the bus” means that they did or said something stupid and you try to claim that you have nothing or very little to do with that person.
OK…so let me see if I get it.  That Obama person tried to say that the Rosen woman doesn’t talk for him because she doesn’t really talk to him very much.  I think that’s what they were telling me.  Anyway, here is my thing.  Why does that man spend so much time “throwing people under the bus”?  Everytime I see him on that TV thing, he’s always explaining how he doesn’t feel the same way as someone else that is on his side.
Maybe the people throwing other people under the bus need a timeout just like the person who said the stupid thing in the first place.  I’m not sure, but that seems kind of fair to me.

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