Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Secret Service Hooks A Timeout

My human and Shasta have been giggling about a story that they won't let me see.  I was eavesdropping last night so I know it has something to do with this thing called the secret service and something called hookers.  Shasta helped me do a "google search" on those words today while our human was working.  I'm still confused though.
What the computer said was that the people in the secret service get paid to protect very important people in the government.  It said that hookers get paid to make people happy.  So...if you have one group that protects the important people and one group that makes them happy...what's the problem?
Shasta says it's because what the hooker people are doing is illegal in most states.  She also said that is was the people in the secret service group that were getting happy.  OK...so I understand that part.  It's illegal and you aren't supposed to do it.  She also said that they were out of the country and that it was a poor reflection on the nation as a whole.  OK...so I understand that part.  I'm still not understanding what the big deal is if everyone was happy.
I decided to go ahead and ask Candi one more time.  She says that it's bad because they were representing our country and that the taxpayer people were paying for the trip.  Now I think I understand.  People aren't upset that the people were being bad...they're upset because they were paying for it.  The taxpayer people don't like to be made to look like fools, especially when they're paying for everything.  Right?
Maybe all those people who were in that other country representing us needs a babysitter.  Candi won't leave me alone without one because I might be bad, so I think they should have a babysitter too.  Oh...and they all need a very long timeout.

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