Thursday, November 10, 2011

Culture Warriors & The Fan Jam

Tonight Candi decided we were going to stay up late to support conservative artists and listen to a brand new show on  Our friends, Lisa Mei Norton and BigDawg (Andrew), debuted Culture Warriors & The Fan Jam.  We logged into the chatroom shortly before midnight and were welcomed with open arms and smiles from fellow patriots as we settled in to listen.

It was explained to us that tonight's debut show would be different.  You see, they chose to honor veteran's with their very first show.  Coming from a family whose members have served, this meant a lot to us.  We were moved to get up and dance to a few songs.  And some of the songs brought tears to our eyes.  Throughout it all, we had Lisa's smooth voice leading us from song to song and applying a soothing balm to our ears that had been battered by the left's non-stop assault.

We chatted and laughed with fellow patriots who came out to support these wonderful artists.  We discussed the importance of song and how it shapes our lives.  You see, when you feel like giving up and that it just isn't worth the fight, music can renew your spirit.  It can pick you up off your knees when it reminds you of what it is that you're fighting for.  This is what and the artists there provide my human.  Their music soothes her troubled mind and renews her strength to continue her fight in taking back our country from the forces seeking to destroy it.

The show will air every week and the normal format will be a countdown of songs most requested by the fans.  So, if you get a chance, drop by, join the site and support Conservative Culture Warriors in their fight to take our country back one song at a time.  Also, don't forget to tune in to to hear the show and find out if your favorite is on that weeks list.  Candi, Shasta and I will be waiting for you in the chatrooms.

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  1. Thanks so much have one super cool human to stay up late to join us and we loved knowing you all were dancing to the great songs! Y'all rock!!