Friday, November 4, 2011

A Lesson To Share With OWS

I'm only eight weeks old and I have a great deal to learn about life.  Last night, I learned my very first life lesson.  It may be the most important lesson I will ever learn.  It is a lesson I think we all could learn from, so....I asked my human to help me tell my story.

Every evening my human feeds Shasta and I.  She makes sure to keep our food bowls very far apart.  I don't handle adult dog food very well.  Anyway, I had finished mine but Shasta wasn't done.  I decided I'd go help her finish her bowl.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!  I ended up bloody and crying in my human's arms.  Candi even called a friend to come over because she thought we might be going to the vet for an emergency visit.  It hurt really bad.  REALLY BAD!!!!!!

Here is the lesson I learned.  If you try to take something that doesn't belong to're eventually going to get hurt!  That's right.  You see, I hadn't earned the right to eat big dog food yet but thought that I deserved more than what I was given.  Shasta saw that as my taking away her right to a full belly and defended her right to eat it herself.  It was my fault for trying to take something that did not belong to me and I had not earned. 

So, all you OWS people out there...what is it you THINK you deserve?  What is it that you THINK you've earned?  Why do you think that those who have worked and earned what they have belongs to you as well as to them?  I think you should keep in mind someday and somewhere you're going to try and make someone share and you're going to get hurt.  Take it from me...just because it's there and it appears to be available doesn't make it yours!

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