Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lesson Plan Candi has decided that I need to hear from a wide variety of sources if I am truly going to grow up to be well-informed.  She has come up with a tentative lesson plan.  It is only tentative because Candi said we would tweak it by adding to it if needed.  Here are some of the things that we will be joining in on.

America Akbar with Gadi Adelman on
BigDawg's Music Hour on
SmartGirlNation on
OKforTEA Radio on
The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular on
Kira Davis' The Dark Side on
Culture Warrior & The Fan Jam on
CRF (Conservative Republican Forum) Weekdays w/Steven Rosenblum on
SGP 101 on

Those are just SOME of the things we will participate in.  We will also be listening to podcasts from The Heritage Foundation, Americans For Prosperity, The Leadership Institute, and many more. We are also reading articles and books on history.

Now, I ask you...has Candi done enough to help me learn about our history and about our government?  Is she instilling patriotism?  I think she's doing all she can and that when she comes across something else that can help...she'll be adding it to the list.  Maybe you can guys can join in on some this and learn with me.

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