Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lesson In Patriotism Through Music

Three weeks ago when my human brought me into her home, she made it clear that love of God, family and country were not only encouraged, but expected!  To that end, she has started educating me in history and civics.  Sometimes it is through reading or lectures, and sometimes it is through the arts.  This morning was a lesson through music.

For those of you that know my human, you know what a fan of music and movies she is.  She especially loves music and movies that promote the spirit of patriotism in America.  This morning we had a golden opportunity to be part of the debut of a new show on  The debut of BigDawg's Music Hour hosted by Reese Ccup and Matthew Vermillion was AWESOME!  We got to listen to some great music by conservative artists and they interviewed my human's friend, Lisa Mei Norton. 

For the last few weeks, Candi had been somewhat discouraged about the direction of this country and what the future holds in 2012.  BigDawg's Music Hour seemed to lift her spirits and renew her determination to make a difference.  She told us that in today's world it is easy to get discouraged and just give up.  That's why she often visits to listen to conservative artists that promote REAL hope through their music.  Today, she was able to chat with other patriots in the chat room and talk about the music.  She said it helps when you can interact with others who are just as determined to put the country back on the right track.

So...GREAT JOB, Reese Ccup, Matthew Vermillion, BigDawg and Lisa Mei Norton.  Keep it up, because the music inspires those just finding a voice and renews the spirit of those who have been fighting a while.  Candi has made it clear that listening each week is going to be part of my weekly lessons.  I look forward to it already.  Oh, and the best part of today...I got an extra treat when I stood up to do my puppy boogie to the music!

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