Thursday, May 3, 2012

Earn What You Want

Why do I get in trouble for tearing things up and the occupy people don’t?  Every time I get into the house plants or try to get in the closet to Candi’s shoes, I get in trouble.  But last night I saw pictures on the TV about those occupy people throwing things at people and buildings and nobody was getting into any trouble.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Shasta was telling me that the people who threw a brick through the lady’s back windshield don’t care about other people’s property.  She said they think because they’re entitled to the same things other people worked for, they can damage what those other people have.  It’s sort of like when our human first brought me home and I thought I should have Shasta’s food.  I think that’s what she means.

Anyway, Candi and Shasta have been telling me how important it is to earn what you get.  For example, when I behave nicely and do what Candi says…I get a treat.  When I’m bad and don’t listen to her…I get a timeout.  But this makes me wonder why these people seem to think they can behave anyway they want to and get whatever they want.  If I have to earn my treats, why shouldn’t they?  Did their humans not teach them that you have to earn what you get?

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