Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Price To Pay

This is what happens when a puppy chews up shoes.  He ends up in what my Aunt Penni referred to as “doggie prison”.  My human has explained that I was put in here for being naughty and would continue to be put in here until I have learned my lesson about tearing up things that don’t belong to me.  This is not a fun thing to be in and I really don't like it.  Shasta says that is the point of being put in here.  If I don't like it, then I will learn to behave.

This is where a human is supposed to go when he/she does something bad to someone else.  It doesn’t look any more fun than me being in the new crate that my human got for me, does it?  My human says there are a lot of people in that place called Washington, D.C. that belong in this place.

My human says that this is what happens to people when they don’t stand up for what is right and put a stop to what bad people are doing.  Shasta didn’t stop me from eating my human’s shoes or getting into the plants and now she’s lost her freedom, too.  Shasta looks really sad.  I didn't mean to get her in trouble.  She says that she knew better though and is willing to accept her punishment without complaining about it.  I feel really bad!

I have learned a big lesson this week.  I have learned that there is a price to pay for bad behavior and that I will continue paying that price until I learn not to behave badly.  I learned that it is no fun to not be free to roam around like I want to.  And I have learned that if I stand by and let someone else do something bad, then I am just as guilty and could lose my freedom just like they do.

I think I’m just gonna try to be good from now on.  And maybe, just maybe, if I’m really good…my human will take me out to play and I can enjoy the sunshine and open spaces.  

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