Monday, May 14, 2012

For My Human, Happy Mother's Day

My human spent her weekend with her human child at a thing called the lake this weekend.  Shasta said she loves going to the lake and was really mad that we didn’t get to go.  Anyway, Shasta and I couldn’t get on the computer all weekend and had to watch TV.  Our human left it on for us, but it was on that news channel she likes.  It was really boring.  And then Shasta said we should do something nice for our human because it was what human’s call Mother’s Day.
I decided that I would pull out all those clothes in that basket thingy and sort it all out for her in the living room.  That way, when she got home she wouldn’t have to.  Shasta said it was a good idea.  Then I pulled the covers way back down on the bed so she wouldn’t have to.  After that, I thought I would fix those pillow/cushion things on the sofa. 
Shasta just sat there and didn’t help me do anything.  I didn’t think that was very nice.  We were supposed to be doing good things for our human and Shasta just laid around and watched TV.  It didn’t matter, I knew that Candi would know I had done it and give me a nice pat on the head or rub my tummy.
But that ain’t what happened.  Candi was not happy when she got home and I got a timeout.  So, I don’t know what to do now.  I want her to know that I love her and I think she’s the best non-dog mom around.  I wanted her not to have to do so much work when she got home and was just trying to help.  Shasta said I was doing a good thing.  Now I think I shouldn’t ask Shasta anymore for any ideas.  Can someone ask my human to let me out of time out?  And maybe y’all could tell her that Shasta said I should do it.  I shouldn’t be the only one in trouble.
Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to my human!

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