Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Still In Trouble

Every Friday night at 6 p.m. ET, my human logs onto the internet and we listen to Global Security Matters with Adrian Morgan via the Radio Jihad Network on  I like Adrian's show.  He gets rowdy sometimes but he sounds pretty doing it.  He has a different way of talking than my human.  He talks about Islam and the dangers of it and he explains it so that even I, a puppy, can understand it.

But today I'm a little upset with Adrian.  See, Adrian plays music on his show that is what my human calls her 'happy music'.  This music is calming and relaxing to her.  Last Friday, he played this stuff called 'tea music' and she loved it.  She wanted to find it.  Well, today he sent my human a message with a link where she could find it.  I appreciate him doing that for her, but couldn't he have done it yesterday when she was so mad at me for eating the pretty red 'sinning shoes'?  I stayed in trouble all day because he waited one day too long to send her a link to music that would have made her forget about what I had done.

Now I'm in trouble for being mad at Adrian.  My human says that blaming him for her staying in a bad mood all day is like that Obama guy still blaming Bush for everything.  She says that when you blame someone else for something, you are refusing to accept your part in the problem.  She says Obama was part of the Senate when Bush was in office.  He wasn't there very long before becoming President, but he was still part of the problem and he doesn't want to accept responsibility for his part in things.  He didn't have a very good record in the Senate from what I understand.

Anyway, I would like to ask everyone to send my human links to 'happy music' whenever I do something bad.  Oh...and tell Adrian Morgan not to wait so long to share 'happy music' too!

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