Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Just For You, Mr. President

The President said that the people in the military were fighting on his behalf.  Ummm…I’m a puppy and I know that isn’t right.  Candi has been teaching me U.S. History and I already know that the people in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard AND the Coast Guard don’t fight for anyone at all.  They fight for everybody.

When I got into that fight with that ‘dryer lint’, I did it for Shasta and for Candi.  Not for anybody else.  But when my human’s nephew went to Iraq, he was fighting for Americans everywhere.  I think it’s kind of silly to say something like that.  After all, I don’t think he’s so special that all the people fighting would be doing it just for him.  I think it’s bad that he doesn’t think they are fighting for everybody.

Even I know that there is a difference between fighting for someone and fighting for an ideal and/or way of life.  I’m just a puppy and I know that.  Mr. President, I think that you need to sit down in timeout and think about what you said.  Then, if you apologize for not being smart enough to know that the people in the military are not just fighting on your behalf, I may let you out of timeout.  

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